Acts of Devotion

Acts of Devotion at EPUMC

Prayer Chain.  EPUMC maintains a prayer chain to make our community aware of concerns and joys among its members, friends, and anyone else who wishes the support of prayer.  If you wish to place a request on the church prayer chain, please contact the church office by telephone (518-374-4306) or email.  Your request will be sent to everyone on the EPUMC email list, and phone calls will be made to other members who have asked to be included on the prayer chain.

Book Study.  On most Sundays of the month, adults and older youth are invited to join Pastor Bowerman in the Hearth Room for lively discussion of a book selected by the group.  Recent and upcoming books include titles by Rachel Held Evans, Howard Thurman, and John Shelby Spong as well as books from the Bible.  Typically, one chapter is covered each Sunday.  You are welcome to attend even if you haven't read the book or have not attended previous sessions.  The forum begins at 11:15 a.m. and ends at noon.